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If you have a tooth in serious trouble, a dental crown might be the perfect cosmetic dentistry treatment to rescue it. Dental crowns are strong, stable restorations that help a tooth regain its structure after being injured or affected by decay. While fillings are used to strengthen a small portion of a tooth, a crown plays a larger role in protecting the whole tooth. Sometimes called a “cap”, a dental crown is created to look like natural enamel and covers a tooth’s above-the-gum surface completely. Crowns are performed primarily to restore strength, but they can also be used to improve a tooth’s appearance.

Modern Crown Options for Beautiful Results

At Kennebunk Center for Dentistry, we use State of the Art technology to create dental crowns right here in our office. We offer a few different types of dental crowns: CEREC, Empress, and porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM). During your initial consultation, we will go over the benefits of each option with you and help you choose one that fits your needs. Regardless of which type of crown you decide on, you can be sure that each restoration is crafted with the utmost skill and placed with care.

Save Time with Our CEREC Crown Process

If convenience is important to you, the CEREC crown is a great way to go. Our dentists use a State of the Art CEREC machine to custom craft your dental crown in just one visit. Your crown is specially milled from a block of biocompatible ceramic material, right there while you wait. There is no need to return for a second placement appointment, and you do not have to wear a temporary crown in the meantime.

Empress and PFM Crowns

Made from a beautiful, translucent ceramic, Empress crowns are known for their precise fit and very natural appearance. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns offer both strength and beauty. With this option, a tooth-colored layer of porcelain is placed over metal, creating a restoration that can withstand heavy biting pressure and is considered somewhat stronger than all-ceramic crowns. Whichever type of crown you choose, our dentists are highly skilled at crown design and placement.

Our Kennebunk Center for Dentistry team would be happy to answer all of your questions about dental crowns. Please schedule your smile consultation today by sending us a dental appointment e-mail or giving our team a call at your convenience. After a thorough evaluation, we will work with you to choose the smile improvement solutions that are right for you.

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